Termination of Pregnancy

A termination (or abortion) is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant, the pregnancy is ended either by taking medication or by having a surgical procedure.

The most commonly used option for termination of pregnancy are:

Surgical Procedure:

The most common type of abortion is a surgical procedure called a "Suction Curette". This involves the removal of the lining and the contents of the uterus by applying gentle suction to the inside of the uterus with a small plastic tube.

This is a safe, simple and low-risk procedure when done between 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, but you will need to be at the clinic or hospital for about 4 hours.

Medical Procedure:

A low-risk alternative to surgery used for terminating pregnancies earlier than 7 weeks (depending on the clinic), is a medication called RU486 (mifepristone). It is sometimes called "the abortion pill", and is the most widely known medication used for this procedure. But the abortion pill should be used only after consultation of gynecologist. Ultrasonography is must before taking pills, to confirm gestational age of pregnancy and also after taking pills to confirm complete evacuation of uterus.