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About DIPTI SHAH Women's Hospital & Infertility Center
"Welcome to DIPTI SHAH Women's Hospital & Infertility Center"

DIPTI SHAH Women's Hospital & Infertility Center is the new name given to 15 years old hospital working in the same premises as Shraddha Maternity Nursing Home and Sonography Center.

Our hospital is providing services in all fields of women's health. Our goal is to provide the best health care possible in friendly and relaxed environment where you can talk to us about your needs. We always include you in every decision making regarding your medical care.

Our hospital has round-the-clock staff facilities and all are providing tender looking care. Our staff is well experienced and co-operative. Our doctor resides nearby to deal with emergencies as early as possible.

We try for normal delivery as much as possible. We have most successful cases of infertility. For us, patient's safety and hospitality with total care is our main aim and for that we are always ready to achieve it under any situation whichever comes.